Clash of Clans Hack – Ultimate Strategy Guide for Clash of Clans Cheats

Clash of Clans, maybe the most successful of all the mobile video games in human history, is played by millions and millions of people every single day – with millions more diving into the action every year.

But because Clash of Clans game has been around for a couple of years now new players are finding themselves really up against the wall when it comes to competing. Veteran clash of clans players have the resources and the armies they need to crush rookies the moment that they are shield drops and they become attachable, and they have the strategies and allies to wipe you from the in game universe faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Thankfully though, you can level the playing field rather quickly by making the most of the tips and tricks we include for you below. Sprinkle in some Clash of Clans hack tools that give you the resources you need to fight back effectively and you will be climbing the global leader board faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Let’s dive right in!

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Don’t be shy about using clash of clan cheats to level the playing field

As we highlighted above, you’re going to want to make sure that you make the most of COC hack tools and cheats to upgrade your army immediately, to give you plenty of resources – especially gems and Dark Elixir in later stages – and to help you establish a base of operations that lets you defend yourself effectively while you learn the ins and outs of this great game.

The best Clash of Clans hack tools are going to be very easy to use, completely undetectable, and can help guarantee you are able to fight back effectively against the enemies that are going to try and crush you almost right out of the gate.

Load up on gems as quickly as humanly possible

Gems are one of the most precious resources you can get your hands on in this game, and you’ll need to load up on them just as quickly as humanly possible.

You’ll start the game with 500 gems (losing 50 of them while going through the initial tutorial), and you will need to use them intelligently to get new builders, unlock new buildings, and upgrade new resources.

The fastest way to get yourself almost unlimited gems is to use the right Clash of Clans hack APK. You’ll never have to worry about spending your cold hard cash on a mobile video game, but will instead have all the gems you need to do anything you want in this game. This is literally the best of both worlds!

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Build up your army with tons of cheap units

There will always be a temptation to create armies of expensive giants and dragons, but when you are starting out you want to build the bulk of your army with nothing more than barbarians – the cheapest units you can create and the best “cannon fodder” to throw in wave after wave against your enemies.

Obviously, you’ll need to make sure that you sprinkle in more expensive units – especially wizards later down the line – but for the most part your barbarians and your archers are going to do the bulk of the heavy lifting for you in this game.

Only unleash your spells when absolutely necessary

Spells are incredibly expensive, which is why you’re going to want to make sure that you use them smartly and judiciously.

Even the less expensive spells are going to run you 5000 elixir or more, and unless you are taking advantage of the Clash of Clans cheats that we recommend you are going to run out of elixir faster than you ever would have thought possible. Use your spells strategically and you’ll never have to worry about running out of this critical resource.

Of course, you could always load up on unlimited elixir with the best COC cheats and you can use spells whenever you feel like it!

clash of clans cheats

Upgrade your town hall over time

It may be tempting to build up your town hall just as quickly as possible, but you’re going to want to hold off on that a little bit just because of the “loot penalty” you’ll have to deal with if the enemies you crush have lower level town halls than you do.

Get to Level IV as quickly as possible and then hold off on upgrading until you absolutely have to – usually after you have totally maxed out your wall defenses. This will let you capture a tremendous amount of loot while you play Clash of Clans, allowing you to crush your enemies while still having rock solid defenses backing you up should the tide of battle turn.

Start matchmaking ASAP while using Clash of Clans hack tool for resources

As a brand-new player in Clash of Clans, you are going to be given a three day shield – basically a force field that allows you to be completely protected from attacks while you learn the game and build up your defenses.

At the same time, you are going to be able to initiate attacks if you like – through the matchmaking process – and if you’re able to win a battle you will be able to grab a tremendous amount of resources from those inevitably higher Townhall ratings.

This is a bit of an advanced tactic, but it’s one that has proven to be tremendously effective for those that are serious about climbing to the highest heights of the Clash of Clans leader board.

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Put your clan castle in the center of your headquarters

Your castle is going to be the most powerful defensive unit and structure in your arsenal (aside from Clash of Clans gems generator solutions, anyway), and you’re going to need to make sure that you use it as intelligently as possible and that you protect it at all costs.

After learning how to hack coc to flood your castle with specialty units and defensive upgrades you’ll need to make sure that it is positioned strategically at the center of your headquarters. This allows you to produce world-class military units and provide defensive action towards any area of your clan headquarters, all without your castle taking on a lot of damage.

It’s a subtle strategy and tactic, as you will have the opportunity to place your castle pretty much anywhere you like otherwise, but it’s one that all of the best players in the game embrace and one you want to embrace as well.

Max out your Dark Elixir resources as soon as you hit Level VII

As soon as you hit Level VII you’re going to want to load up on as much Dark Elixir resources as possible, really making this the focus of your resource collection.

The latest Clash of Clans update has really made Dark Elixir one of the most super powered resources, but it’s also one of the rarest resources will come across. Outside of spending your real-world money on this digital video game to get your hands on more elixir, you’ll have an almost impossible time loading up on this resource – and that’s really going to hinder your military action and your defense.

Thankfully, when you figure out how to hack Clash of Clans with the kinds of tools we are able to provide you with, you won’t ever have to worry about running low on Dark Elixir ever again or having to spend your own money on it, either.

With the right Clash of Clans hack tools (like the ones we can connect you with) you’re going to have unlimited Dark Elixir and become the unstoppable military force in this game you’ve always hoped to be!

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